Of the Earth

We are the tree of life

The tree of death we are

Who displaces us?

Each one of the successive breaths

A leaf that is born and grows the pore

Each hair, roots to the sky

Curious eyes of aloe, full

Mouth, ears, nose…

Orifices all to the wind

Open to breath

Neck, stem, trunk, arms, branches

Feet, fingers, delicate hairs,

Adorn the epidermis of time

Becoming coarse and dry

Fighting against the gravidity

Of the earth…


On all the faces
And behind every traced encounter
Figuring to know your dinosaur quill
Tripping to be happy
In that utopic country
Of absurd people eternally in love with the night
Premonitioned noises get my attention
In exchange I only had a smile
Then you showed up in the discourse
Unimaginable condescendence
A preamble to the Luxor I adored
From then I felt to be another
Like engraved in ebony
Recreating worlds parallel to you


Searching in the infinite cruelty of the blank page
Between tongues, just one word that may define
The fluids of that adolescent love
Before voluptuous deities
Searching for the text amid settled reason
The repeated memory of your face
Among the ‘four hundred youths’
On the shore of the river
Long before I became a bearded elder
Forgetting all indifference
I write you
Searching to remember the hours
When we shared graces


Dedicated to J.A. Cabrera


I see him coming from afar
From the high tower
Trustworthy of authentic values
The wheel of the saurian turns
Grotesque in its fury
Accompanied by a troop of laughs
Faded guffaw
His essences chased away somnolence
Interviewed by the Pope
In the wharfs of Avignon
Tired of charges and childish things
He threw his belongings in the riverbank
Despite the disconcertedness
He decided to say goodbye
Far away
From the high tower
I see him going away withered quiver
“Rei miserabile” of the jesters


On the mountain path
The river snake
Arrives to the house of the sun
The iambic play
Desirous of love
Like those scenes
Of antique Greek urns
In the flame of the earth
Two hearts face
Maniac history
Of irresolute passion


I sleep as Endymion
Among the keys of a castle
Next to a real cabinet
That opens and closes its doors
Like saying farewell
The drawers full of old rags
Buildings satiated out of pure fantasy
Are a good match
The winged god of sleep: Hypnos
Allows me to sleep with open eyes
And I see you arrive through corridors
Surrounded by monsters and ghosts
I dream ego, each day unabated
However, wonderment awakens me
Among such maelstrom and power
Unfounded in the masks the drama
Festive ignominy
Denied without reason to its host


How could one forget
Your smile crazed with modernities
That doesn’t understand when this whole
Cacophonic discourse started
It refers to so many others
To so many times
Like each of your parts
You recreate your own universe interminably
While we listened attentively
To that outlandish English quartet
Delirious neopsic
You dissolve me in your bedroom
“I am no longer I”
Nor you the only piece
Do you believe my love to be too weak?
You know how to handle it
And you tangle me up with that...
So disparate, so particular...
Your degenerate withstanding
You continue dragging your gratia plena
You assure to love your homeland
The sign on your mouth
Transgressed the darkness
New gods will have to be invented
New reverences to greet
Your metamorphoses


Only you knew the spell
Of that illuminated night
During the wait
Each minute a star
Fleeting mandible
My craziness outdated in weeping
To have you close
And you so far
Like the diminutive game for a mingo
You don’t let yourself be seen
They hide your gaze
The fermented drinks
And you release me with a “fuck you”
You pretend having seen
My open heart
In virulent flame
Of throbbing deliveries
You know of Mars and of the lamb
I will still watch over your dreams
The mountain awaits your breath
That opened swallows on the horizon
Free from lust’s keys
Unfinished and unfinishable
Of an erupting volcano


[Translated by José Ballesteros]